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3 Ways to Get to Know Your Customer to Make More Sales

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What do you do when you launch your new biz or your new course and you get crickets?

I’m willing to bet it’s because you don’t know your customer well enough. You may THINK you know what your customer wants and needs but if you really did, you’d have created what they wanted and then it would be a no brainer for them to say yes to it.

We often have issues with selling, feeling like we’re pressuring people into things they don’t want.

The fact is, people LIKE buying things that they want. And people want things that they think will solve their problems and make them feel better.

Give ‘Em What they Want, Not What They Need

For example, maybe you’re a weight loss coach for women, or like me in my former life, an acne coach.

Fact is, people think they need to lose weight or clear up their skin and then all their problems will be solved and they’ll be eternally happy. If there was something that did that, then they’d be HAPPY to buy it.

Maybe YOU know that that’s misguided and that what they actually need is self love and to learn to be happy at any weight or with any skin – which is what actually leads to they want (aka eternal happiness), and as an ironic result, makes losing the weight or clearing their skin easier.

Teaching that can and should be a part of your program, but if you lead with that, you’re not going to sell them on it because that’s not what THEY think is the solution.

A huge part of what makes a brand successful is knowing who their audience is, how they think, how they feel, and what they think they want (NOT what you know they need – you can give that to them after).

That way you can create a product or service that they desperately want, easily communicate the value to them in a way they understand, and then sell. that. shit. out.

So how do you get to know your customer or potential client better? Here’s three strategies so you can both serve them better & make bank:

? 1. Just Ask Them

This one isn’t easy for me as an introvert, and I admit to usually avoiding it if I can help it… but my own hangups aside, straight up just asking people is defs the best strategy.

Send an email to your audience, or a survey, or phone or message a few people who are past clients, and ask things like:

“What motivated you to buy? What were you feeling that made you go for it? What were you struggling with before you purchased?”

Or if you don’t have any clients or customers yet, or you’re testing a new product, find people who fit your ideal client or customer and ask: “Would you buy this? How would you need to feel in order to buy this? What would you be hesitant about?”

Listen intently to the exact words they use to describe their situation. Write that down. It’s gold.

Why is it gold? Because you can use the exact words and phrases your ideal clients use to describe their problems and desires when you go to sell, either in a sales conversation or in your written content.

What happens then? Your audience feels like you’re reading their mind. They feel understood. They feel like you get it. And that makes them want to buy.

⛏ 2. Mine Your Own Gold

So if you’re like me and want to take the easy route, go back through your discovery chat applications or your testimonials that you’ve received in the past, or even blog comments.

Look for what your clients or customers are they saying about how they were feeling in regard to the problem your service or product solves. Take note of that gold!

I actually keep a swipe file of phrases that people have used in my applications and testimonials, so I can use my customers exact words in my content.

✨ 3. Mine Someone Else’s Gold

If you’re just starting out, don’t have any past clients or customers to talk to, and actually asking people is too much for you (s’okay me too), here’s my top secret method:

Look at people who are successful in your niche with a similar ideal client and service, and stalk their website testimonials, website copy, and social media.

How are they describing their customer’s struggles and feelings?

What do the people in their featured testimonials say they were struggling with before they worked with that person?

Now you’re not going to copy everything this business does and says (believe me, that’s not a way to the top), but if they’re successful they obviously know their customer and you can learn a lot about your ideal clients from spying on them!

Want to make more sales?

Facts are, you gotta know your customer well if you want your biz to flourish. Start asking some questions (or undertake some top secret espionage), listen carefully, and things will start growing!

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