Hi. I'm Tracy. Creative, curious, adventure lovin'

Quick facts: I live to travel, swim in wild places, learn random things, and make art – that is when I’m not ‘doing business’, trying to keep my 2 yr old alive, laughing with my husband, or patting my doggo (who is a very good boy). I live and thrive on the PNW vibes of Canada’s west coast.

So anyway, here’s my story:

While I wasn’t one of those entrepreneurial kids selling lemonade on the corner, I have been making (really bad) websites with pirated versions of Photoshop since grade 6.

UPDATE: I now legit pay for Photoshop and my websites are hell’uva lot better.

Then something happened that changed my life.

I like making brands that make magic.

So, back in 2010, I came down with a sudden, severe attack of adult acne which just CRUSHED my self esteem. Seriously, it was bad times. Do not recommend.

But, I got through it and I decided to get in on the front end of the online courses boom teaching women how to heal their skin like I had.

I built my own website (of course). But the more important thing I built was the authentic, personality-based brand behind it all, which was the foundation for my success. I had my dream business and was featured in places like Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, and numerous podcasts.

Getting to be myself in my career, make a difference in people’s lives, while creating the exact lifestyle I wanted – what more could I ask for?

Now I love helping women create THEIR life-changing brands and businesses so they can have all that too – or whatever it is that makes their hearts flutter a lil’.

5 rating stars
“This is the best investment I could have made in my business”

Before I worked with Tracy, my website was terrible, my branding did not look good and I was embarrassed by it. The investment feels like a lot at first, but honestly, it was the best investment I could have made it my business because I’m going to make it back ten fold. I’ve had so many people contact me saying “everything looks wonderful!” I’m already getting more contacts from potential clients. I’m just thrilled with how this has all turned out and I could not be more grateful for Tracy making this a wonderful experience.

Dr. Shannon Curtis

Naturopath, Wild Roots Alchemy

5 rating stars
“Having an expert come in relieved me of a lot of stress. Tracy made it so simple and easy for me

Working with Tracy made the process of updating my brand & website so simple and easy for me, I’ve always done it myself in the past so having an expert relieved me of a lot of stress and meant I could freely focus on other areas of my business. Seeing my new branding and website finished was such an exciting moment as I could see how much hard work had gone into it, and it was exactly what I wanted. I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend working with her.

Headshot of author Emma Mumford smiling

Emma Mumford

Best-selling Author

5 rating stars

I have new confidence around showing up online since I have such a beautiful website and brand assets.”

I was struggling with how to position my 1-1 coaching for small business owners AND my brand strategy work with large organizations. I’ve gotten so much clarity around this part of my work. I’ve been more proactive in my marketing efforts since I have a place to send people to learn more about my business. All I can say is yes, yes and yes, I would absolutely recommend working with Tracy.
Headshot of coach Jocelyn Ring
Jocelyn Ring

Brand Coach

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Afraid to waste your time & money on a dud designer?

Afraid to waste your time & money on a dud designer?

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