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10 years of successful online entrepreneurship and a longtime Photoshop addiction means it's all-systems-go on taking your brand to rockstar status.

Picture of Tracy Raftl - Brand Strategist and Web Designer for Purpose-Driven Women

Coaches & service entrepreneurs... hi!

Let me tell you about how I made my way here, talkin' to you right now.

Image of Tracy Raftl, Brand Strategist & Web Designer
Image of Tracy Raftl, Brand Strategist & Web Designer

So, here's a little story about how a new brand & website took me from meh to multiple six figures.

Fun fact: I used to help women stop their acne breakouts so they could get their mojo back. That was my jam.

My online business had traction and I knew I was really making a difference in people's lives, but I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be.

I desperately wanted to impact more women and make enough money so that I could buy a house, travel more, and have the freedom to explore anything and everything I wanted to!

The problem? My branding and website were embarrassingly UG-LY. (Yes, I DIY’d both… I’m just way better at it now!)

I wanted to put out a new online program and I wanted to do bigger things, but I felt like I couldn’t do it looking like that. I worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously. 

So I accepted that I needed help, took the plunge, and invested in an upgrade from an expert. Long story short…

Here's what happened after that strategic brand & website upgrade:

...all because I got strategic with my website and branding and felt confident that people could now see I was legit. Cool, huh?

Eventually I decided I wanted to do something new, and I figured why wouldn’t I use my creativity, strategic brain, tech skills, and everything I’ve learned in business to help other women get the same results? So here we are!

Ready to create the impact you want and elevate YOUR brand into a profitable empire?

Meet the Team

If you're down-to-earth, have a big heart, and love to have a good LOL, you're going to fit right in with us!

Picture of Tracy Raftl

Tracy Raftl, head designer & strategist / boss lady

Tracy is the strategy and the brand designer of our crew. She lives on the west coast of Canada and her goal is to help women create more freedom in their lives by growing big-impact brands!

Here’s a one-sentence Tracy-summary: Nature loving, travel obsessed, visually-creative, feminist, mama-to-be, loves building stuff, dog patting, trying-anything-once, determined, if-you-can-dream-it-we-can-do-it, swims in lakes obsessively (in summer, she’s not crazy), free-spirited. Chocolate.

anna cottier, Admin & project manager extraordinaire

Anna is your new BFF who will be guiding you through the logistics of your web design proj! She’s a super organized crusher with a passion for supporting people and protecting the environment. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Here’s a one-sentence Anna-summary: Funny AF, environmental activist, chiller, pillow fort builder, critter-patting, snack-eating, adventure-loving soul friend.

Picture of Anna Cottier
Picture of Fernanda Soares

fernanda Soares, web design wizard

Fernanda is in charge of graphic & web design assistance. She’s a super skilled creative with a passion for creating new things and helping people realize their dreams/projects/businesses. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Here’s a one-sentence Fernanda-summary: Creative, fun, dog-loving, food-cooking, film-watching, introspective city-explorer!

huckle baby, hard working mascot

Huck, our hard working mascot, is head of the morale department. He has no idea what he’s doing but somehow still ends up with all the praise and belly rubs. 

Here’s a one-sentence Huck-summary: Snuggle-loving, sunbathing, crumb-patrolling, fabric-licking, guard-dogging, food obsessed, sweetest angel baby. 

Picture of Huck the Dog

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