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This Simple Brand Trick Can Increase Your Revenue by 23%

Branding & Websites for Female EntrepreneursHey girl. Do you want to increase your biz money by 23% just by being more consistent with your branding?

Oops, I guess I let the cat out of the bag. Yes that’s the trick.

In a survey done by LucidPress, they found that companies saw an increase in revenue of 23% just because they started presenting their brand consistently. That’s pretty cool, hey?

So, let’s dig into this. What does it actually mean to present your brand consistently?

Take Inventory of Where Your Brand Is

Start off by taking an inventory of all the places your brand shows up.

  • Your website
  • Your social media channels
  • Your email marketing
  • Downloads and freebies
  • Courses & membership sites
  • At events
  • Printed brand material like business cards
Increase business revenue by 23% thanks to branding
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Then Ask Yourself Some Deep, Inquiring Q’s

Ask yourself… how consistently am I presenting my brand in all these places?

  • Am I using the same colours?
  • The same fonts?
  • The same logo?
  • Am I using the same tone of voice / brand personality?
  • How often am I showing up in these places? (like am I only posting to social or emailing my list inconsistently, whenever the mood strikes?)

Sort. It. Out.

Okay so now you’ve surveyed the scene, time to do something about it!

I know it can seem overwhelming, so make a plan and take it one day at a time. For each area that was lacking consistency, mark it on your calendar to fix one thing per week.

So, for example:

  • If you’ve determined you need to define a brand voice, mark it down.
  • If you’ve determined you need to make a new banner for your Facebook page, mark it down.
  • If you’ve determined you need to create a content calendar to stick to, mark it down.
  • If you’ve determined you need to have a meeting with your team to stress the importance of staying on-brand, mark it down.

Check Your Relevance

Okay, once last thing though… while you’re doing this, check your relevance.

Just because you’re crazy consistent with your branding and your content schedule doesn’t mean that anyone’s going to care if it’s not relevant to them.

You need to make sure that your branding appeals to your ideal client, and that your content helps them with what they truly want and need.

So while you’re doing this , it’s never a bad time to get go back over who your ideal client is, what their problems are and what they desire, and then ensure that your brand is hitting all the right notes for them.

That’s when the consistency will turn to gold.

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