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Your Website’s Call-to-Actions Suck. Here’s How to Make Them Better.

Better Call to Actions
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First of all, what the heck is a “Call-to-Action”? If you’re not new to online business you’ve probably heard this term before, but if you’re new you may no idea what I’m talking about.

Basically, when you are a business owner who wants to make sales and money, you need to have a clear idea of how a person out there in the world is going to go from non-customer to customer.

A “Call-to-Action” (or affectionately known as a CTA) is an encouragement that you give someone to take a certain action, an action that will in some way contribute to them eventually becoming your client or customer.

Here’s an example…

So let’s say someone finds you on social media, and you want them to visit your website. Yay! This is your first opportunity for a CTA!

In this case, you’d link to your website and put a sentence in your bio encouraging them to visit it. Because how else are they going to get there?

Okay, they took your call-to-action, and now they’re on your website. Hoorah. Now what do you want them to do? What’s the next step on the path to them working with you or buying your stuff?

Maybe you want them to book a discovery call, or sign up for your email opt-in gift so they get on your newsletter (by which you’ll build a relationship with them and then eventually they’ll buy from you if all goes well).

Great! Your Call-to-Actions are how you will encourage them to do these things.

However, there’s an art and psychological science to doing the “Call-to-Action” well so that people actually do what you’re asking them to. Here’s three ways to up the game on your CTAs:

1. Use Super Direct Language

Don’t be wishy washy with your CTAs. When you want someone to do something, just tell them simply, and directly so there’s no confusion at all about what they should do.

“Book a call now”
“View the gallery”
“Click here”
“Get the free course”
“Take the quiz”
“Buy now”
“Browse services”
“Read more”

Indirect CTAs have too many words and end up being kind of vague. Or more commonly, people just don’t use any call-to-actions at all, leaving a person hanging. It might seem obvious to you that they should know what to do next, but it’s not.

2. Make Your Call-to-Actions Stand Out

Honestly, you should be using Call-to-Actions everywhere. Every time you write a social media post or a blog post or a website page… at the end of it, you should be giving your audience an action that you want them to take next.

What you really don’t want is for someone to get to the end of your page and not know what to do or look at next or they might just click away and you never hear from them again.

What you do want is for them to continue to engage with you, because the more they engage with you, the more they grow to know and like you, and the more they know and like you, the more likely they will become a customer.

This is why I invite people to take my brand style quiz at the bottom of nearly every page on my website (which you should totally do. The quiz I mean.)

But anyway, back to the point… whenever possible, make your CTAs into big obvious buttons that stand out from the page.

90% people barely read. They just skim pages, so making your CTA  stand out from the page will etch it into people’s minds, catch the skimmers, and keep the party going.

It doesn’t matter so much what color your buttons are, but it’s a good idea to make them contrasting color to the rest of the page and give them lots of white space around them. Do not let them blend in.

Here’s what the ones on my website look like:

Better Call-to-Actions

3. Be Repetitive, Even if You Think You’re Being Annoying

Remember how I said that at the bottom of every page of my site I invite people to take my brand style quiz?

I also pepper buttons multiple times throughout each page saying the same thing: “Start Your Project Now”

I know right now you’re imagining yourself doing this and thinking “Wow, what a pushy biznitch”, but people do not notice the way that you do.

Don’t worry. Repeating yourself on the internet is not that big a deal, in fact, it’s necessary.

Our attention spans are basically nothing and people often need to see things multiple times before they do, in fact, take action.

So use dem CTAs far and plenty, my friend!

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