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Christine Means Business

Business coach Christine Hansen with logo and branding

Christine Hansen is a serial entrepreneur and was already a big shot in the online wellness space, being featured in places like Forbes, Business Insider, and TedX. 

When she decided to pivot into business coaching and consulting, she knew the power of branding and wanted to ensure she could charge premium prices out of the gate and attract folks who wanted to join her for business retreats all over the world. 

So we set forth in creating her a luxuriously unique brand that reflected Christine’s love for the finer things in life and would attract clients who weren’t afraid to drop a dime on world travel.

Imac mockup of website for business coach
Phone & ipad mockup of website for business coach


The old website of business coach Christine Hansen


The new branded website of business consultant Christine Hansen

Here's what I did for Christine:

Business card for business coach Christine Hansen
Business coach Christine Hansen holding her book We Mean Business out in front of her
Brand style guidelines for business coach Christine Hansen
Business coach Christine Hansen in Venice below Christine Means Business logo
Business consultant Christine Hansen smiling in front of Venice Canal
Business coach Christine Hansen walking in front of colorful European buildings
Business coach Christine Hansen looking at brand submark logo in front of European buildings
Two branded flyers for business coach side by side
Woman holding branded tote bag for business coach
Three ipad mockups with branded poster designs for business coach

Although COVID put a wrench in Christine’s business retreat plans, business is on the up and up – her client list is steadily growing, she’s lead digital summits, and even became a published author with her top-rated book “We Mean Business”. Go Christine! 

5 rating stars
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“Business is great and growing steadily! Everyone who gets in touch loves my brand and they said it helped them immediately relate to me and made it easier to reach out”

I want to swoon over Tracy’s work that she did for my website and brand. I always built my own but I also knew I wasn’t really clear on what I wanted and I also knew that there’s people who do this much better than I can do.

So I hired Tracy and it was a really great experience. We went through branding together to make sure that everything was crystal clear, that it reflected exactly what I wanted. What this taught me is that Tracy sometimes knows much better what you want than you do. When I saw the whole thing coming together it was perfectly right and also people who know me really well were like “this is so you”.

She got my branding completely spot on. Everything is completely aligned with my values, with who I am, who I want to work with, what I want to communicate to my soul clients. And it’s a fun website. It’s an interesting website. It’s something I’m really happy with. I can still tweak it if I need to add something.

I absolutely recommend Tracy if you want to have a brand and website that reflects who you are, that is modern, that is functional, and that is immediately going to have the right clients feel at home in your digital home. For me this was an absolute thumbs up. Update: “Business is great and growing steadily. Everyone who gets in touch loves my brand and they said it helped them immediately relate to me and made it easier to reach out.”

Headshot of Christine Hansen

Christine Hansen

CEO at Sleep Like a Boss, and Christine Means Business

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