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We'll make you stand out as a true leader in your industry.

Are you wasting time stalling your business because your brand feels all wrong? We'll help you elevate your impact, earnings, and recognition (without you working more hours.)

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Major question for coaches or service providers whose business isn't at the level they want it to be...

Some businesses do ok, while others bring in huge revenue, and have big opportunities & ideal clients lined up at their door.

Question is… why isn’t that your business? 

Have you been asking yourself if it’s because your brand presence and website just aren’t really positioning you at that “big name” level?

Do you feel like:

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Ready to stop playing small in your business?

The businesses that stand out and grow to multi-6 figures and beyond use a detailed, high-clarity brand strategy to easily attract big opportunities & convert the best clients.

Do you want that too, but feel like you want to rip your hair out when you think of where you would even start?

No worries – you just focus on the things you’re good at in your biz and we’ll take care of the strategy, tech, and drool-worthy design. 


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What Tracy’s done for my business is phenomenal. You get a website that actually converts.”

She created me this amazing website with fabulous branding and clearly, clearly defined messages, which is what my audience was craving. If you’re unsure of where to spend your money or what to focus on, honestly, I would recommend Tracy more than anything.

Mel Turner, Endometriosis Educator

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“They got my branding completely spot on & aligned with me, my values, and what I want to communicate to my soul clients.”

I absolutely recommend Tracy and her team if you want to have a website that reflects who you are, that is modern, that is functional, and that is immediately going to have the right clients feel at home in your digital home.

Christine Hansen, Business & Sleep coach

K, so here's what we're gonna do:

Icon depicting a phone, as in let's book a discovery call

First step is booking a chat with me. We’re going to find out where things are going wrong for you, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there. 

Icon depicting exploring brand strategy

Once we’re officially partnered up, we’ll get you to fill out a few short questionnaires so we can explore your current brand and future design dreams.

Icon depicting that we'll make branding & website magic together

It’s go time! The project officially kicks off and we work our way through strategy, brand design, and build-out until you’re left with an irresistible online presence.

Melissa Dow's website | by Tracy Raftl Design

Here's what we offer:

Icon depicting brand & website results

Every project starts with a high touch strategy session. This helps you get clear and aligned on your brand direction, and helps me understand your business, goals, and audience.

Icon depicting visual brand identity

After we’ve dug deep into your brand strategy, we’ll take that and turn it into a full brand identity – logos, colors, typography, positioning, personality, values, and more. 

Icon depicting a computer with a website design

After that, we take your brand and give it a home on the internet. We use WordPress for websites, but we can also discuss sales pages, courses, memberships, funnels, and more. 

Note: Brand Strategy is always required. Afterwards, we can customize your package for your unique goals.

This all sounds good, but you're probably wondering... what's this gonna cost ya?

While we do indeed require payment, the real question is what's the cost of staying stuck where you are?

Incredible brands produce incredible revenue (hello... Oprah didn't DIY her logo).

Is it really a cost, or is it an investment in the future of your business, your family, your impact on the world?

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Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business. I’m already getting more contacts from potential clients.”

Dr. Shannon Curtis, women’s Naturopath

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They got my branding completely spot on, everything completely aligned with my values, who I am, who I want to work with, and what I want to communicate to my soul clients.”

Christine Hansen, Business & Sleep coach

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“I could not be more thrilled with how Tracy helped me bring to life my new brand & website. People who have been following me for a long time have said “Oh my gosh.. it’s YOU!'”

Allegra Stein, Business Coach

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“I was feeling really burnt by previous contractors who took my money & didn’t deliver.  But the experience of working with Tracy was above & beyond what I could have expected.

Karen Hopkins, Wedding Industry Disruptor

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“Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business.”

They’ve made me look more professional so I can bring things to the next level. I’m already getting more contacts from potential clients, so I’m just super thrilled with how this has all turned out and I could not be more grateful for Tracy and her team for just making this just a wonderful experience.

Dr. Shannon Curtis ND, Women’s Naturopath

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“I think this just really puts me into a different category. Like people can finally see that I’m the real deal.”

I hate to think how many people went to my old website and left pretty quickly because it didn’t embody what we were trying to say. It just makes me feel so much more confident to be able to say go there and immediately feel captivated by everything that we have to say. I think my brand is irresistible.

Karen Hopkins, Wedding industry disruptor

Samar Shatta website by Tracy Raftl Design

Ready to quit stalling, and upgrade to the wildly profitable, life changing business you know is possible?

It all starts with a strategic, modern, soul-aligned brand, and luckily we're experts in that! Let's chat and see if we're a good fit.