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How to debut a step above the rest

Stonemason logo next to stone steps and flower beds

What’s the difference between your Friday night date and your local tradesperson? There’s a chance your Friday night date might actually call you back. Zing. 

(*dusts off jacket* yep, just made that one up myself)

Okay, yes I know, #notalltradespeople but, I mean… lots. So what could be more powerful in setting yourself apart than showing that you do good work, are reliable, AND good at communicating? Homeowners be swooning all over the place. 

Matt came to me because he had years of experience apprenticing with his dad as a stonemason and his work was top notch. He wanted to start his own business, but wanted to make sure he looked like a pro and got good quality clients right out of the gate. No worries, Matt.  I got you. 

Mockup of stonemason business card and website on ipad, phone, and
Hands holding ipad displaying stonemason website
Hand holding stonemason business card in front of leaves
Stonemason business card 3

Here's what I did for Manzanita:

Stonemason branded decal on back of pickup truck
5 rating stars
“I’ve had a steady flow of great clients since she did my brand and I can’t thank her enough.”

When I started my stone masonry business, I wanted to make sure I looked credible from the beginning and was showing off the high quality of my stone work. Tracy quickly developed my brand and set me up with a simple website and even got me on the first page of Google for a local search. I’ve had a steady flow of great clients since then and can’t thank her enough for helping me start my business on the right foot. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to this stuff and isn’t afraid to bring it.

Headshot of Stonemason Matt Fraser
Matthew Fraser

Manzanita Masonry

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