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Melinda’s a no-bones boss. She’s hands-down the best book cover designer out there, with the biggest heart and a stunning amount of industry knowledge. 

She had plenty of clients and a nice income, but she was chronically overdelivering and massively undercharging. As a result, she was overworked and not living up to her true earning potential. Plus, she was being driven crazy by authors’ editors missing their deadlines and making her schedule completely unpredictable.

Melinda’s brand and website were okay but they needed some serious “zhushing” to make her come off as the undisputed expert she is. That would allow her to raise her prices, be more choosy about her clients, and ultimately free up her time. 



Here's what I did for Melinda:

Andee’s gone on to have her most successful membership site launch yet, published her book, and continues to love her life as a mom of 6 connected kids! 

5 rating stars
“If I want others to invest in me, I have to invest in myself. I was excited to invest because I knew it was going to be a good ROI for me—and it has been.”

As a professional designer myself, I know the importance of letting the professionals do their job. While I knew enough to do an okay version of my own website, I needed a website that would CONVERT, not just be passable. I had been casually looking for a website designer for some time but didn’t find anyone that fit my vibe. I was introduced to Tracy’s work by way of a mutual client, and I knew as soon as I saw Nicole’s site that Tracy was the designer for me. 

This was the most money I have ever spent at one time on my business, but if I want others to invest in me, I have to invest in myself. I was excited to invest because I knew it was going to be a good ROI for me—and it has been.

I run in some very outspoken circles (just the way I like it!), and everyone has had nothing but positive things to say about my new site. My new site represents who I am as a designer and establishes me as the professional that I am. I’ve know for a while that I wanted to sell a course and/or digital products, but I need my website to vouch for me. Now that it does, I am moving full steam ahead with the next set of business goals (residual income). Heck yeah, I would recommend Tracy! I already have!

Melinda Martin

Self-publishing expert

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