Case Study

Melissa Dow

Melissa is a somatic therapist. Melissa is also a yoga instructor though, and her current brand and website were stuck on that note while her business was quickly evolving. She was about to do a presentation in front of a gigantic room of corporate suits and was freaking out about her outdated brand presence.

The thing is, somatic therapy is nothing like reiki, or energy healing, or yoga, but it can easily be confused with it. So the challenge was that we needed to quickly make Melissa look like the totally legit therapist she is, ditch anything in her brand that was too ‘spiritual’ or ‘woo’, succinctly explain what somatic therapy is to people who might be skeptical, all while still having the brand feel like her.

Here's what I did for Melissa:

5 rating stars
“I just didn’t feel like my brand matched how I wanted to represent myself online. So to be excited about my website now is a wonderful feeling – I highly recommend!”

I recently reached out to Tracy to completely rebrand my business so my website really matches who I am now and the work that I’m currently doing. That was a really daunting task for me to try and figure out on my own and Tracy is such a wizard with that – being able to refine my message in such a clear and precise and professional way as well as bringing the look together in a way that I feel excited to share my website.

Since I’ve shared it, I’ve received the feedback that clients can really relate to the messaging. I find especially with other therapists, their websites can be very wordy and it can be all over the place… kind of hard to connect to their bigger picture, their why, and their ideal clients. So Tracy really helped me to refine that and get that message very clear.

I’d highly recommend Tracy if you’re needing to rebrand yourself or just create a website that matches who you are now, that is professional, is very clear, and is something that you’re just excited to share with the world. She does amazing work. Thank you so much, Tracy.

Melissa Dow
Somatic Therapist

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