Case Study

Powell River Climbing Co-op

Girl at indoor rock climbing gym next to Powell River Climbing Co-op Logo

Powell River Climbing Co-op is a scrappy, small town co-operative climbing gym, built with love on the labour of a few dedicated volunteers (yep I’m one of them!) and big local grants. Although it’s co-operatively owned, it still needed to cover its costs and then some in a town that is predominantly made up of families and older adults.

What it needed was branding that was going to show that this is a modern gym worthy of a membership, but that it was more inclusive and welcoming than big city gyms aimed only at young adults.

Imac mockup of website for rock climbing gym
Ipad mockup of website for rock climbing gym
Phone mockup website rock climbing gym
3 Branded promo posters for climbing gym on brick wall
Happy toddler sitting on rock climbing equipment wearing branded climbing gym t-shirt

Here's what I did for the 'Coop':

Branded sign for rock climbing gym hanging on building
Dad holding daughter wearing branded climbing gym t-shirts
Branded gift certificates for climbing gym lying on orange envelope on blue background
Branded Instagram Template example for rock climbing gym
Branded Instagram Template example for rock climbing gym

What can I say? Our little ‘climbing gym that could’ is thriving, even through COVID. Memberships are up and a passionate community of climbers has come together to make it their own. The consensus among them is that it really does have a friendly, welcoming vibe that is quickly being lost from the big climbing gyms. Success! 

Gif of four people wearing branded climbing gym t-shirts and being silly
5 rating stars
“Tracy helped us create the culture that sets us apart from big city gyms.”
Tracy was involved from Day 1 in our co-operative climbing gym start up and we couldn’t have made this happen without her. We wanted to make sure our gym not only looked legitimate, but had a friendly, family focused atmosphere that felt more inclusive than most big city bouldering gyms. Tracy used her whip smart business sense to bring this to life in our logo, branding, website design and messaging, and it worked. The gym is doing incredibly well and our members are always saying how welcoming it feels. Thank you Tracy for everything you do!
Headshot of climbing gym owner Kevan Robitaille

Kevan Robitaille

Director, PR Climbing Co-op

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