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Shannon’s a naturopathic doctor who wanted to expand beyond only working with people in person and instead make a name for herself online helping women all over the world heal from acne.

Unfortunately for Shannon, she was embarrassed about her website not making her look professional enough, which killed her confidence to take her business to the next level. But she was self professed “not tech savvy” so she’d just spend countless frustrating hours trying to improve it only for it to still look like a kindergartener made it. Her words, not mine.



Image of Dr. Shannon Curtis ND's Website by Tracy Raftl Design

Here's what I did for Shannon:

Shannon Curtis ND - Naturopath Brand style guide by Tracy Raftl

Andee’s gone on to have her most successful membership site launch yet, published her book, and continues to love her life as a mom of 6 connected kids! 

5 rating stars
“Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business.”

I worked with Tracy on my rebranding and website redesign and it was the best gift to myself. They are phenomenal. It was the best experience. Before I worked with them, my website was terrible. My branding did not look good and I was honestly quite embarrassed by it, but I’m not tech savvy. I was so frustrated, spending hours on WordPress to make very little progress.

I’m so glad I hired Tracy to make me look more professional and bring things to the next level. She really takes you from point A to the finish line and you’re supported the whole entire way. Easy communication. Lots of support.

The initial investment felt like a lot at first, but honestly, that was the best investment I could have made it my business. I know I’m going to get that tenfold and beyond. I’ve had so many people contact me saying “your website looks so good, everything looks wonderful!” I’m getting more contacts from potential clients.

So I’m just super thrilled with how this has all turned out and I could not be more grateful for Tracy and her team for just making this just a wonderful experience. I couldn’t recommend them more, they’re incredible.

Headshot of naturopath Dr. Shannon Curtis ND

Shannon Curtis ND

Naturopathic doctor & women’s acne specialist

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