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Should You Swear In Your Coaching or Services Business?

Should you swear in your biz
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My answer? Fuck yeah!

…if you’re someone who swears in real life and it fits your brand personality, that is.

In our parent’s day and age, you would never catch people using swear words with their customers or swearing in their marketing material. It simply was not considered professional and so you just didn’t do it.

But then the internet came about and the definition of “professional” started taking a much wider scope. It became much less about how you talked and what you wore, and boiled it down to what actually matters: providing an amazing service or product and taking damn good care of your clients & customers.

And people started to realize that if you wanted to differentiate yourself from the bajillion other people with businesses online offering the same thing as you, it was a major benefit to be completely and utterly, authentically yourself.

Part of that meant that people started swearing in their business marketing… ie on their website, on social media, in videos.

And even though it may have appalled the business leaders of yesteryore, nowadays it’s a huge plus because then ideal customers and clients who also swear will be more drawn to your casual, informal kind of vibes and totally love you for it.

Yep, you might turn some people off, but hey.. fuck em. And I mean that as kindly as possible. They just aren’t your people. They weren’t going to grow your business anyway.

But…. but… is it REALLY okay to swear in my business?

But, it still might feel a little weird to you. Should you do it? You may be feeling like.. well I want to swear, but is it really ok?

Or maybe on the opposite end, you feel appalled about it but feel like maybe you should since it seems to be the cool thing to do.

The first thing to ask yourself when deciding is…. do you naturally swear a lot in real life or not?

If you use swear words naturally when you chat with your friends and you would feel genuinely liberated to be able to swear in your business because it would make you feel more like yourself… then f yah! Go for it. Make swearing part of your brand.

Even if your business is more on the traditionally “wholesome” side, for example, in the health or healing fields. It might seem inappropriate and it’s definitely not something you HAVE to do, but consider that it could be a very profitable way to differentiate yourself.

For example, I’m someone who considers myself really down to earth, I definitely swear in real life, and if I met a sweary, down to earth healer, health coach, or massage therapist, she’d probably stand out to me and I’d be stoked.

If You’re Not a Swear Bear in Real Life Though, Don’t Do it In Your Business

On the other end, if you aren’t much of a swearer in real life and the idea of swearing in your brand doesn’t sit right on a deep level, then absolutely don’t do it. DO NOT do something in your business that doesn’t feel authentic to you just because you think you should. Because remember, the name of the game is authenticity.

So if you aren’t a swearer by nature, please don’t worry about not being “edgy” or “out there” enough to get noticed. You’re going to attract the folks who also think like you and they’re going to LOVE it that you’re not a potty mouth.

And what can you say to the potty mouths who don’t think you’re edgy enough? You can say: Later ‘gator. They just aren’t your people and they don’t matter to your business.

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