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This Problem With Your Copy is Why Your Services Aren’t Selling

This Problem with Your Copy is Why Your Services Aren't Selling
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You’re a new coach or a service provider and you’ve created the. most. amazing. course or service that is absolutely going to change the lives of your clients or customers.

You’re so excited to get it out there in the world into the hands of who needs it – you write a sales page or create some awesome copy for your social media posts about it, excitedly announce it and ………. crickets.

You cry. You scream. You throw something at the wall. You lay in bed for days.


You know they need this thing! You hear and see your ideal clients struggling all the time with this problem and saying they want help. And you have the solution!! So wtf, right?

It’s because your copy may be offering them the wrong thing

Well, what might be happening is that you’re offering them what they need and not what they actually want. And people only buy what they want, which may or may not be the actual best solution for them.


Let me explain.

So for example, imagine you’re a weight loss coach. Maybe YOU know that the answer to their struggle is actually loving yourself at any weight and losing weight slowly and sustainably.

But is that what they’re thinking? Hells no!

They’re thinking “I want to look good and lose weight quickly, and the only way I can love myself is if I lose weight.”

So you’ve got to lead with that in your copy – speak to where they currently are and what they currently think, even if you know it’s a bit misguided.

And then once they buy, you can introduce what they really need in your program. So you WILL end up giving them the help they really truly need, you just can’t lead with it otherwise they won’t buy and you’ll never get that far. Make sense?

My acne program sold like hot cakes because I focused on what they wanted

This was the case with me in my previous business, The Love Vitamin (which was about helping women clear up their acne naturally). Self love can have a huge effect on the skin and hormones and actual physical processes of the body.

But that certainly wasn’t the focus of my sales page because that’s not exactly a quick-fix and not what people think will clear up their skin, so they aren’t going to buy something if that’s the main selling point.

However, once they were in the program, I included plenty of info & exercises about self love, because I know how important it is.

And I don’t mean this like a bait and switch (like they think they’re buying one thing and then get a completely different thing than they thought)  — the program does also need to help them get what they want, in addition to what they need.

So ideally you want to help them get some quick wins – perhaps lose 5 lbs quickly, but then ensure that the program is also helping them love themselves now and lose weight sustainably and keep it off… which may not be as quick, but will be better for them in the long run.

What if you don’t know what your ideal clients want?

If you don’t know what your ideal client truly wants, it’s 100% worth having some conversations to find out. Even if this step takes a little longer and is uncomfortable or annoying (I feel you. But it WILL come back to you in monetary spades X 10000000).

And when you do find out, take note of the exact wording that they use to describe what they’re struggling with and what they want. And then use that in your copy when you’re talking about their fears and pain, or their desires and aspirations. Try to use the exact words that they use to describe these things.

If you nail this, your ideal client will feel SO understood. Like you are some kind of mind-reading sorceress… which quickly builds that trust and connection that makes them psyched to work with you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when your programs or services start selling out.

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