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How to Write a Perfect, Client-Attracting About Page

How to Write the Perfect About Page
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You know what page people most often visit on your website after your homepage? It’s your About page.

Yet people constantly miss a bangin’ opportunity to win over potential clients with this page, and instead allow it to sit there like a boring turd that really does nothing for you.

Don’t let it be a boring turd! Your About page is your chance to humanize your business, build connection, and show your potential clients why you are the best choice to help them transform their lives, or businesses, or health, or whatever it is you do!

The mistake that people make with their About page is that they make it all about themselves.

Wait, what? It’s not about me? (you ask). It’s the ABOUT ME page!

Sorry girl. When it comes to marketing your biz, it’s NEVER really about you.

Yes you can share things about yourself because connection creates trust (read this to learn how to share about yourself in a way that boosts sales). But people only really care about you after you’ve shown that you care about what they want.

So for 90% of the time – and this includes your About page – when you share about yourself it should be in the context of how and why you can help someone reach their goals and solve their problems.

It appears to be about you, but no. It’s really about them.

So let’s dive into how to do this shall we?

So, the structure of the About page doesn’t have to follow a particular order but here are some dos and don’ts for writing it:

The Dos of Writing a Perfect About Page

Do state what their problem is

What are they struggling with, as it pertains to the services or products you offer? What are they feeling that frustrates them? Call out who they are and what what’s making ’em sad.

Do let them know what you value as a business and/or what your mission is (again as it pertains to their struggle).

People will connect strongly with your business if you share similar values, so letting them know what those values are is mega important.

Do share a little bit about your story of how or why you got into this business and what you love about it

Do this in a way that relates to them and their struggles or desires. Have you been where they are which lead you to doing what you do now? If so, share some of that story.

If you haven’t been where they are, relate how what you like to do best benefits them…. Ex. growing up you loved math, and one day you realized that not everyone did… now you love being able to use your love of numbers to organize your clients’ finances and make their life easier.

Do state why you are the best one to help them

Why should they choose you over someone else? Maybe because of your experience and passion?

Note: Don’t actually say “I am the best because…” — but do let them know about your experience and passion or whatever it is, and let them know why this is relevant to them and their goals.

Do share a photo of you, and/or photos of your team with mini bios

Remember, humans like to do business with humans… not mysterious, faceless brands. So don’t hide away — show yourself! I consider this practically a non-negotiable.

Do share social proof

This includes testimonials – You know, to demonstrate how you’ve helped others in their situation

If applicable, do include a few logos from any well-known businesses you’ve worked with or media you’ve been featured in (to create trust and authority)

Do add strong Call-to-Actions

Include calls to action throughout the page. What do you want them to do

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next? Book a call with you? Invite them to do that with buttons that stand out – pepper them throughout the page.

I’d also suggest having a section at the end offering them your opt-in gift. The freebie section can be the exact same wording as elsewhere on the site, it doesn’t have to be original.

Do include beautiful and interesting visuals or videos to tell your tale visually

Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, yo!

The Don’ts of Writing a Perfect About Page

Don’t ramble on and on about yourself

I love this quote from the Design Space Co, which pretty much sums it up:

“I was given my first camera when I was *insert impressively young age* and realized I had a real talent for photography. Due to a series of *insert unremarkable life events*, I ended up becoming an *insert boring profession*. When *insert child or pet* was born, I found myself with my camera constantly in my hand and I just knew I had to pursue the creative path my heart was yearning for.”

Etc etc…yawn.

Don’t be so vague and mysterious that you don’t let anything on

Although it’s not about you, people do still want to know you’re a living breathing human and not a cyborg. And that you are an expert in their problem and you understand their pain (maybe because you’ve been where they are). Because all of this might mean you can help them solve their problem.

So. Be a human. Show who you are, a photo of you, and a few simple details about you. Just no ramblies about your every life detail, ok.

If you want, you can create a blog post where you share more of these types of things (and link to it from the About page). That way if they have become invested enough that they start to truly care about you as a person, they can, in fact, have the opportunity to learn about what your cat likes to eat for dinner, which will strengthen your invisible bonds.

Don’t overdo it with the logos and testimonials and credentials and blah blah.

You do definitely want to include this, but don’t overdo it or it might come off as overcompensating.

Don’t write the About page in third person

Just don’t. Talk like a normal person. If you wouldn’t speak about yourself in third person, don’t write about yourself in third person, ya weirdo.

About Little Beast Branding & Design

Example About Page

Check out Little Beast’s About page.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. I explain a bit about what the name Little Beast is about, which reveals something that our brand believes and values: That we women are strong muthaf’ers. This wouldn’t be a typical way to start an About page… I only did it because my biz name is a little weird. Hey. I’m breaking the rules. Sue me.

2. The next section calls out the ideal client, and addresses their problems. <– (Normally I’d start the About page like this)

3. Then I get more into what we value here at Little Beast, and speak to what my ideal client values too. And then I tie that into how my service can support that.

4. In the next section, I finally talk a bit about me and my story. See how the story appears to be about me, but it’s really about how my unique experience can help them reach their goals?

5. Then I include a testimonial, and then the next section is my main call to action. I invite them to a free discovery chat with me.

6. After that? I include the secondary call to action, which is inviting them to opt-in to my freebie (speaking of which, would you like to take my quiz and find out what brand style you are?)

See, if the reader isn’t ready to take the plunge to buy my services (ie book a discovery chat), then they can choose to get to know me a little better by getting the freebie, receiving my email marketing emails, and hopefully at some point they’ve come to know, like, and trust me enough to say “okay.. let’s do it!” and they become a client.

And that’s how you do it 🙂 Inspired to make over your About page? Take that inspo and run!

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